Prosthesis, Metaphor and The Obsolete Body 2014-2016



Participating artists: Santiago Mostyn, Iris Smeds, Linnéa Sjöberg, Marte Edvarda Tidslevold, Paula Urbano, Hedda Viå.

Curator – Maria Kotlyachkova


New perfume presented at the Spring show, Royal Institute of Art.

The scent narrates the rise and the fall of the Swedish welfare state

accentuating the smokey reminiscent of the dialectical relationships

between revolutionary struggles and reforms

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Working Inspired Tutorial 2015

MFA-exhibition at Galleri Mejan, Royal Institute of Art

Pink Sthlm

Top notes: Cashmere, cherry and benzoin.

Heart notes: Ritalin, pixels, cedar and Swarovski crystals.

Base notes: Red tea, vanilla and miasma.

The scent is a sweet synthetic overload of precious and unique details, handmade from essential oils and alcohol.

This cocktail will explode on your skin and it lingers on until you have lost interest.

Made in Stockholm 2015. Perfumer: Hedda Viå with financial support from the Royal Institute of Art.

Krasnaya Moskva/Red Moscow

Top notes: Bergamot, coriander, neroli, and aldehydes.

Heart notes: Carnation, rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Base notes: Iris and Tonka bean. This is a typical scent of its time, a spicy floral, combining cool and almost metallic notes

with warm floral and woody accords. It is pleasantly hefty, a bit tangy and develops beautifully on the skin.

The first Soviet made perfume by the expropriated factory Novaya Zarya / New dawn and extremely popular among Soviet citizens.

Origin disputed, 1913 or 1925. Perfumer: Auguste Michel.

Krasnaya Moskva/Red Moscow

Lightbox A

Plexiglas, MDF, paint, fluorescent tubes, digital print on Epson display film.

Lightbox B

Plexiglas, MDF, paint, fluorescent tubes, digital print on Epson display film.

A state between systems and spaces

Vinyl letters

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

New Century

Soundtrack: 40.05 min.

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